4 Ways to Switch up Your Routine in 2018


Another year is gone and chances are your workouts and diet are starting to become as predictable as the January gym rush. You need variety in everything that you do so that your body doesn’t plateau and so that you don’t become bored with your regimine. The more boring it is, the easier it will become for you to deviate from your routine and cheat on your diet. Let’s start off 2018 by mixing it up a bit and shocking your body and your mind.

  1. We know the gyms are packed this month with all of the new comers who have the same mindset as you do. To avoid the late afternoon rush, try changing your regular gym schedule and go early in the morning or late at night. Most gyms are going to a 24 hour format and you will find solace in working out at 5am or 9pm and having the gym to yourself. Having the workout done prior to the work day will leave your evenings free and going late at night will also free you up after work and allow you to be well rested in the mornings.
  2. Another way to avoid gym plateaus and boredom is to try a new workout. If you usually lift heavy weights and don’t circuit train, try a crossfit workout. Switching up to the higher reps and circuit style training of crossfit could shock your body and give you the results you’ve been looking for. Try incorporating more cardio into your routine such as running or cycling. If you don’t own a bike many gyms offer cycling classes and they will set your legs and calories on fire. Yoga is another option at most gyms and it’s a great way to relax and learn how to control your body.
  3. Try a new diet this year. Not that there’s anything wrong with chicken and broccoli but, changing up your diet can stop the monotony and lead to better results. The more variety you have the less likely you are to cheat due to boredom. There are hundreds of diets available that offer different foods, new ways of preparing them and different rules of eating times and marco intakes. Intermittent dieting may fit into your schedule better as this style of dieting gives a 7 or 8 hour window to eat all of your calories for the day. A Paleo diet may introduce you to new foods that you haven’t thought about eating before and take away some of the foods you’re bored of. Give a vegetarian diet a try and discover new sources of protein and cleanse your body. The most popular diet of last year was definitely the Keto diet. This diet will allow you to eat foods with a higher clean fat content and less protein and carbs. It goes everything you’ve ever heard but, it is effective if used correctly. Any of these diets that you chose will give a better chance to succeed and keep you interested in your diet.
  4. Set new, obtainable goals for yourself this year and when you meet them, set higher ones. Write the goals down. This makes them a goal, before you write them, it’s just a wish. This process will keep you from becoming stagnant in your fitness journey. Out do your PR lifts, drop body fat percentage, lose weight and gain muscle. You can’t expect different results without making changes. Take chances this year and switch things up to get the results you’ve been working for and smash your previous goals.

Eating Clean During the Holiday Season


The holiday season is here and with it comes parties, family dinners and lots of food.  This time of year will challenge your willpower and commitment to your healthy lifestyle and could leave you reaching for more cookies than Santa himself would eat. While the winter is usual associated with packing on some extra weight, you don’t want ruin all of your hard work from the entire year by putting on some unwanted “winter weight.”  

Here are a Few Tips to Help You Avoid Looking Too Jolly This Season

  1. Come up with a Game Plan

You want to be able to enjoy yourself and not stress over deviating from your usual routine and eating habits.  For example, always eat a clean meal before going to a party.  It will leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied with yourself and you will be less likely to indulge in foods you normally wouldn’t eat.

  1. Try to work out on Days that you have Gatherings

Getting in some cardio and a good leg session is the best workout to plan for.  Since your legs are some of the biggest muscles in your body, they will need the most food to repair themselves and when you’re heading to a party where the extra calories are a guarantee, you won’t have to feel guilty for eating them.  

  1. While you’re at the party, Make Good Choices.  

Survey the spread before loading up your plate blindly and show some self control. Remember, you’ve had cookies before, you don’t need 10.  One way to ensure you have at least one good choice, is to bring a healthy dish to the party.  By doing this, you will have a “go to” dish to help you stay on track.  

  1. If you can, Plan Your Cheat Meals on the Days of Your Parties

Cheat Meals will help you not skip meals, which is the worst thing you could do for your diet.  Make sure it’s a balanced meal and not filled up with sugars, oils and butter.  Load up on the veggies and protein to keep you full and control your portions.  Putting these items on the plate first will help you with portion control; the less room on your plate, the less likely you are to make a bad decision.  

  1. Speaking of bad decisions, try to keep alcohol intake to a minimum

Water is the key to survival. It is just as important on these days as any other.  Don’t forget about it.  It’s a readily available item at almost any event you will attend this season so there’s no excuse not to drink plenty of it to stay hydrated.

Having said all of this, don’t let your healthy lifestyle and dietary needs stress you out.  This is a time for being with family and friends and celebrating the holidays together.  Have realistic expectations of yourself and follow through with your plan.

From all of us at Jimmy’s Famous Meals, Have a Happy Holiday Season!

Nutrition and Fitness Working Together

Going to the gym and working out is only part of the battle of a fit lifestyle. The other 80% needs to come from your diet. Nutrition is the key to any successful workout, without it your body cannot function properly through the workout or recover for the next day.

Changing just your diet without adding any type of exercise regiment will yield results and improvements in weight loss and overall health. On the flip side, working really hard at the gym while not getting proper nutrition will leave you wondering why you’re awake at 5am to hit the gym before work every day and seeing very minimal, if any changes to your body and your level of health.

No matter what your fitness goals are, you need to provide your body with the necessary fuel in order to reach them. Everyone is different and has different nutritional needs, what works for one person may not work for another. It is important to consult with a nutritionist or trainer to make sure you are consuming the correct amount of calories each day so that you give yourself the best chance to succeed in reaching your fitness goals. You don’t want to bust your ass in the gym and not see the results you want over something as simple as a diet change.

Once you have the diet plan in place, you need to prepare yourself to succeed by planning or “prepping” your meals for the upcoming week. You are more likely to eat healthy or follow your plan if it is convenient and accessible to you. There’s a big difference between having to cook an entire meal each time you need to eat and only having to re-heat an already prepared meal. Think about it this way, when you’re out running errands and in a rush, do you think of going to a restaurant and sitting down for a balanced meal or do you think about stopping by the closest fast food restaurant because it’s convenient? Most likely your choice is the latter and that’s where you can mess up your plan. Having meals ready to take with you for the day takes that element out and sets you up for succeeding and reaching your goals every day. You need to make this a lifestyle, not a “diet.” Think to yourself, “this is how I eat now.”

There are different levels of fitness and nutritional needs. Everyone has to start somewhere, don’t be afraid of change. Create your goals and then shatter through them. Keep pushing past your limits. Find what works for you and keep evolving.

If you need assistance in planning your weekly meals feel free to contact us. We offer several meal plans for men and women and endless possibilities to create your own meals for your specific needs.